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12g long - Low tech/low maintance

This is a tank that I've been wanting to do for a long time. I really love the dimentions of the 12 gallon longs. I would have loved to do a high tech set up, but I decided to go low tech instead. I've tried high tech before but ended up slacking on dosing ferts and monitoring CO2, the result was a tank filled with algae.

Tank: Green Leaf Rimless Aquarium 91-B, 12 gallon
Lighting: ZooMed 36" T5HO, 54W one bulb
Filtration: Ehiem 2213 w/lilly pipes
Substrate: Black Flourite
Ferts: pfertz K, P, N and traces once a month and root tabs.
CO2: None
Water Changes: Top off's only

M. Minuta
Dwarf Sag.
Rotala Indica
Anubias Nana
Dwarf Hair Grass
Limnophila aromatica

I've been able to grow all these plants before with a low tech setup with the exception of the Limnophila aromatica. I don't expect it to last long but it was so pretty at the store that I had to try it. The DHG has been hit or miss for me in the past so I won't be surprised if it doesn't last long either.

Tank fresh outta the box!


After planting and some trimming:

The stem plants are mostly to help keep algae to a minimum while the m. minuta and dwarf sag fill in a bit. I haven't decided if I'll be keeping the stems or not, I guess I'll wait to see what it looks like in a month or two.

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