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It's update time because the UG is finally planted. As you'll see below, I planted heavily and with thick clumps. There's probably enough in that 2.5gal tank to fill a 45-P but I want things to fill in more quickly.

Breaking up the clump:

First two rows:

Finished product from above:


This is my first attempt at DSM UG and I hope it succeeds. It's currently got a 26w lamp, as mentioned in my first post, hung about 3-4 inches from the top of the tank. Tank's covered in plastic wrap with a couple slits cut in it so things don't overheat.

You folks think a 12-14hr photo period will suffice for DSM?

And just for giggles, look at the truckload (that's a 1.5gal rubbermade container) of salvinia I pulled out of my shrimp tank today! There's still 3x this much remaining. May have to RAOK it:

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