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Originally Posted by ridgerunrbunny View Post
Yes there are, but when I tried to join they did not like the name I went by my entire life. They wanted what they called a "real" name. My name is a "real" name, I suppose they meant "legal" but that was not stated in their "rules". I did not consider the use of Mike, Dave, or Charlie any more legal/real than mine, so I changed my mind about joining. I am sure they have more than enough members, they really did not need me. Perhaps you will be more acceptable.
We our a great group of people! We have a lot of new people and old people who have been around. On the Masi forum we wanted to know who you are by real name. It's just easy to find someone by there real name rather than someone call the dragonkeeper and so on.
Just so you all know bunny left the forum by her own. Masi did not push her out by no means. All Masi rule was that just want a real name. I think your email address came up with a different name when you sent a email to the web person. We have a good group of web people who kept tabs on spam and heckers and so on. It's something you need to keep all the stuff from going to mass email group.

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