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CO2 from different tank

Hello helpful reader, Is it beneficial to add water from a tank that has CO2 injected to another that does not? I am hoping to be able to plant my much larger tank and give it CO2 almost as a treat 1 time a week or so when I do water changes. My planted tank is 25g tall, and the big one is 125g and has had a turtle (diamondback terrapin), and several fish. I am considering breaking the 125 down and redoing the substrate for plants, but would like to not buy another regulator, needle valve, ect...

Also wondering how long I should wait to get fish and shrimp after first planting a tank. The water has been in for a little over 2 weeks with top soil under sand under gravel. The plants were just added yesterday. Ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites all seem to be 0ppm. pH is around 7.5. and KH test took 10 drops, so 10 deg. I think this is all ok, but how long should I give the plants to secure roots?

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