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Hola! That looks like a pinto put through a roan-machine! Or a blurring filter! Coo-el. (Aside: DK's latest madness is she has bought herself an inch-thick 450 page manual to Inkscape, a freeware vector art program, and she's stuffing it into her squirrel-brain, 'cause she wants to play with logo submissions behind the scenes - of course she CANNOT leave well enough alone, she must play!)

WDB, my horse, was a lovely strawberry roan up front. I miss him. My other horsey-color weakness is dapple greys, not too common.

Now, looking up at that pic above of the toward-Appaloosa pattern (in post 473), I do see some "white" over the shoulders, so I think we can declare it's not a cheat to use Tobiano, after all. I just love that word, it rolls around in one's mouth with a lyrical rhythm. So, I think I may indeed go with Tobiano.

That leaves us with the to-date non-sequitur collection of Black Tigers: Monochromes, Broke-Blacks/Scallops, T-Rexes, Tobianos, and maybe someday Appaloosas. Why not. Yeah, why not. All you out there squirming, reading this - - it's because you don't know how to properly chill and have fun, in this very short lifespan.

Oh, and, see, I CANNOT take a non-macro picture, without a German in it.


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