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I was looking at the middle pic in post #470 when I suggested tobiano (those shrimp have the clear band going up and over the shoulders), but tovero works, too.

Or we could just be a bit more vague and call them "pinto tigers" or "piebald tigers" - but I agree with the alliteration being cooler :P

My personal favorites are the gypsy vanners - they look so cool, with the pinto coloration and the feathers all over the feet and whatnot. Just not a very practical sort of horse to own, nor a particularly affordable one. But very nice to look at.

My sister has a quarab gelding, though. He's a fleabitten gray (or, as I prefer to describe him, a dirty white horse) named Indigo. I ask you, of all the things to call a pale horse, how did they come up with Indigo?? Every time I visit the menace, he tries to steal my wallet. My sister insists he's just looking for treats in my pocket, but I'm onto their little scheme. She's training the thing to be a darn pickpocket.

I like your appaloosa. Very pretty horse. I've always liked any horse with multicolored markings, but there's something about that white with the little brown spots and speckles that's really nice.
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