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Originally Posted by asukawashere View Post
Maybe call them "Tobiano Tigers" instead? "Tectonic Plate Tigers" is a bit wonky :P "Tobiano" fits with the horse theme you started with "Appaloosa" and rolls off the tongue a bit more easily
Oh, yeah. Totally. I can never remember which are Tobiano and which are Overo, but Tobiano Tigers sounds coo-el, thanks for the name, and we're off to change it...

Yeah... Tobiano Tigers.

Just for the record, here's a picture that shows further down the spectrum, of color regression - I'm crazy about these patterns and will be trying to get back there. But you can see if you were to further regress the color placement, you might eventually get to Appaloosa.

And BTW, I used to have an Appy. Here's his picture. We used to trail ride the Rockies, up across the Continental Divide. Oh, those were the days...

So, um, I guess y'all can see I've had a predilection for texturey-splotchy-spotty animals from way back...


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