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Originally Posted by O2surplus View Post
Oh- I forgot about that separate sketch. My DS1307 must still be running from the last time that I set it. That says a lot since it's been out in a drawer collecting dust for the last six months,LOL. I guess the back up battery must have kept it alive.
I'll have to try that sketch. I just adjusted the start and stop time in the main sketch to compensate for now. hehe!
I figured that was the case . My fault for not getting around to writing proper documentation yet. As an aside, the timeset.pde isn't specific to the lighting control code in any way. It's just a convenient way to easily set the RTC time. It'll work for any Arduino/DS1307 pair.

On battery power the DS1307 shuts down all functions except for keeping the clock running so it can run for 5+ years on a single coin cell. Pretty nifty.
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