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Originally Posted by Senior Shrimpo View Post

Update with some more t-rex tiger pictures!
Wasn't ignoring you... well, I was, just temporarily.

I think the thing about taking shrimp pictures is that it frustrates me, because I can never capture what I want. So, I kinda avoid them.

Anyway, I thought I had cleaned my glass, so took some shots.

The theme here is T-Rex and freckles. Some do, some don't. I love texture and variety, so I'm featuring a few shots of T-Rexes with freckles. The third picture is a juvie about 8 mm currently, and I'm very excited about this one because I think I'm going to have a heavily freckled whole field with the T-Rex "bones" overlay. How coo-el is that? Sorry about the bad pics.

I'm thinkin' mebbe I should rename those Appaloosas to "Techtonic Plate" tigers. Because the pigment patches remind me of geography more than spots. Well, at least right now. I know if I keep going in this direction I eventually get more toward Appaloosa, but right now the spots are more like plates.


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