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Shrimp Rescue Tanks (3) - Journal-ish Thing (56K!) - RIP

Okay, folks, here's the deal… I've been suckered into rescuing cherry shrimp from friends who have no clue what they're doing over the past couple months. Now that they're breeding like flies, I need a few temporary homes for them. Luckily, I had three 2.5gallon tanks in storage. Figure they might as well look as nice as possible so here goes.

I know the rock scape isn't perfect in either tank but they're my leftovers. Took a long time to epoxy them into position so all the bad portions of the rock aren't visible. Didn't have a lot to work with and didn't want to drop lots of cash on the ADG shop (stone selection in Louisville, Kentucky is next to zilch - other than horrible limestone).

Would love your input on plants.

These first two tanks have Fluval Shrimp Stratum and will be lit with 26W GE 6500K bulbs (temporarily lit with Fluval Clip-On lamps that came with the Ebi). Which tank should be 100% UG and which should get a row of DHG in the back with 90% HC?

Tank 1:

Tank 2:

Am thinking Tank 1 should be DHG & HC and Tank 2 should be UG.

The third tank isn't my favorite. Eco-Complete is the substrate. It'll be filled with DHG and glosso:

Not set on that scape but the rest of my leftovers are slim pickings (that's some UG from Dollface in the pic):

Also have these but they're not my favorite and are huge:

Dry Start Method for all three until filled in, then Osmocote Plus root caps and Macro & Micros with DYI CO2-- at least until I find a new 5lb cylinder and a nice dual-stage regulator with solenoid and such.

So… thoughts on the plants? They're the four I've got plenty of on-hand.

Am good on space for about 60 more days and then will have to move critters into those tanks or start RAOKing them like mad.

Thanks for checking it out and hopefully offering your thoughts,


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