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Talking I dont EVER want an Eheim! The Filstar PIMP club!!!!

So i heard all this "hype" about the Eheim line of canister filters and almost gave in to getting the Eheim Ecco model but thankfully i did not... I went and got me a Filstar XP 2 for my 29 gallon aquarium, and i am left wondering.. how the hell can an Eheim really be that much better anyways? I have heard people say things about how the Filstar line of canister filters make noise where Eheims dont, yet i have turned off everything in my living room and got down with my ear right by my XP2 and i can barely hear anything at all! These filters are about as silent as you can get! I think my UV filter makes more noise! To add to it, my water has never been so clear before, its just absolutely amazingly clear, has absolutely no smell, and my plants seem to be pearling much much more than they used to. Also, i have noticed that the XP2 had everything i needed with it, it even had a spraybar! I thought that the filter would take me about an hour or longer to get together and working... it took me 5 minutes! And i had no leaks what so ever! The priming was so easy, all i had to do is poor a small glass of water into the tube through the syphon intake and then screw the little lid thingy back on, flip the switch down, and i was good to go! You cant get much more easier than that! Then if you have to clean the filter you just flip the switch up and it totally shuts the water off so i can just disconnect the assembly at the top and pick the filter up and do your cleaning. I am just so extremely happy with this filter, its a great little filter and it does its job very very well and it only put me out 80 dollars and that is including the shipping! This product is DEFINATELY recommended!!!!
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