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I found the TimerOne and Time libraries at, so I think you could zip them up together with your code and be good to go. There's one thing you need to fix though, your code cannot be unzipped and moved directly into the Arduino IDE. The IDE will not recognize the folder until it is renamed. I had to change the name of the folder to "akl_tank_control" and the file name to "akl_tank_control.pde" and then it would open and compile properly. This is detail that may cause trouble for people who are not familiar with some of the Arduino IDE's file naming requirements.

I'll have to shoot you a PM with the coding for my controller. It works great as is, but I like the fact that your code updates the PWM every second, instead of once per minute. I've got the hardware side of things nailed down but I could use your help to improve the software.

Here's a photo of the controller board- without the 16x2 LCD on top.

I've got enough boot loaded ATMEGA328's to build 30 more, and a newer design that supports the MeanWell ELN-P's as well as my Cat4101's.

Maybe a trade- Chips or a completed controller for software?
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