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Originally Posted by O2surplus View Post
I'll give it a try! Took me nearly an hour to hunt down and install the extra libraries, but I got the code to compile without issue. I'll hook up the Dueminlanove this weekend and see what happens. Good job sink- Now if you could only show me how to integrate that coding into the controller that I built, that would be awesome!
You are welcome. Glad to know it compiles. Once past that step it should run fine. Please let me know what you think! As an aside, you'll probably want to change a couple of variables in the code to match your own needs regarding sunrise/sunset time and in particular how bright you want daylight to be because my default may be quite dim for others. The lines are all towards the beginning of the file and are commented pretty well as to what they do and possible values. I'll write up more detailed instructions when I have some time.

I'd love to make a bundle with the required libraries but I'm not sure if the licenses permit it. In the meantime I'll edit the original post with links to the needed libraries. Thanks for pointing out that task might not be trivial.

I'm willing to help with any driver integration you need. Do you mean the RTC or the code?
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