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Originally Posted by jcgd View Post
I would try it. But I'm not sure how to hook up my rtc. Could you e plain how or link me to a deceit walkthrough?
What does the RTC circuit that you have look like? Is it a breakout board? Mine is integrated into my driver because I built it myself, but the principle is the same either way. You just need to power and ground it somehow (5V and GND from the Arduino) and then connect the data pins (SCL and SDA) from the chip to the Arduino. On most Arduino boards (including mine) SDA (data line) is on analog pin 4, and SCL (clock line) is on analog pin 5.

Here's a tutorial that might be applicable Adafruit also sells an RTC breakout board kit with everything you need except wires for under $10. I don't have one but I modeled my RTC circuit after theirs and it works great, so might be an option if you want to add an RTC to an existing setup.
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