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Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback.

10gallon - I hope that it does start to grow up a bit - if not I have a few other mosses that I'll try or maybe some HC down the road as it has some sand in it to give extra hold if needed.

Riparium Guy - thx for info. I am still playing with the final waterline and think I will actually lower it (and will lower the planters as well). I'm also planning on ordering a new bulb for the Ott-lite as the one in it is about 2 years old. The ott-lite is more linear and covers the tank better. Worst case - I'll use an old Catalina tank light that fits the tank and has 48w...

I also dug around in the pot that I have the unknown plant it and actually found the original plant tag - I always keep them but then forget about them

Hopefully this is good news? It is actually Pilea glauca Silver Sprinkles. Its taken a beating outside on my front porch due to the extreme heat here in Dallas - so hopefully it will take root over time in the tank. I've used it in several pots out front for the last few years (fully shaded) and its done great until this year - it's almost dead at this point.
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