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Just some pics

First is just what DK considers a beautiful shrimp tank. This happens to be my BSC crystal tank (broke student crystals - low grade).

Second picture is from the black tiger tank - a picture, finally, of an up and coming Appaloosa Tiger - a pattern variant of Black Tigers. I have been very surprised that they are not produced often - mostly the black tigers produce like self with not much degradation back in pattern. So these guys, I have a few of them in the last batch, must have come from a special combination of two vintage style T-Rex's bred together. At any rate, I'm thrilled, as they are one of my favorites. (I need to clean the glass in that tank for more pictures, but right now they are into another breeding cycle and I don't want to disturb them, so that's why my glass is so dirty.)

What fascinates me about the Appaloosa Tigers is that they are sort of pattern throw backs, but one would think that in a pattern throw back in black tigers, the pigment back-off would lead to THINNER stripes. But in the case of the Appaloosas, you get a patchy/chunky pieces and sometimes large irregular SPOTS on the field. This is so fascinating to me!


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