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thanks for following madness and jdm68.
that trap idea sound like it would work well. i remember once i tried to get snails out of a planted 10 gal with a trap made of rubber, clear hose with some shrimp pellets inside. didn't get many snails but got tons of RCS out with it lol.

Unfortunately for my bowl, i left on a two week vacation and apparently the temps got really hot in the house during this time, so i lost 3 of my crystals(they vanished): one female and the two males. All i have left now are two no-entry sign females (one is berried, but i doubt anything will happen with that).
Since I plan on moving to an apartment sometime early next year, I have to get rid of all my tanks including this bowl. I was thinking of selling the plants (with the plants from my 40 gallon too), but idk of anyone who will buy two crystal shrimp lol.
I returned from my vacation expecting to easily be able to sell the 5 crystals (4 sold and one being an extra) but now its going to be much tougher...

So in conclusion, eventually this bowl will be no more =/
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