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Awe thanks! I know it will most likely be covered in no time at all but I really wanted a muted waterfall sound. I work from home and it's deathly quite at times. I realized after the blob grew and grew and grew that it was overkill - boy that stuff expands! I managed to trim it back and it's only about 2.5 inches deep.

I will take a few more pictures once it gets dark out tonight. The plants arrived just fine. The ice pack did its job but was warm when I opened the box. I dumped them all in my tank for the day and potted them up that night. I did trim the Baby Panda about about 2/3 and stuck the trimmings in the planter as well to see what happens. I've done that with all my garden plants to give them a good start, so I figured this would help easy the stress of transplanting a bit more. You're right, I do love that plant! The some of the stems/leaves look pretty bad but the root system is healthy.

All the other plants look good as well and I was able to get all the peat off with a small cocktail fork.

I did add two plants of my own. One is a peace lily that I have had for about 2 years and it is less then a foot tall. I read in your blog that the small leafed version can work so I thought I would give it a try. I also have a small "palm" looking plant that is about the same age and size as the peace lily. Both had small "baby" sprouts coming off them that I was able to pull away from the mother plants (roots and leaves). Potted them up today and we'll see what happens.

So now that it is up and running I do have a few questions:

1) At what depth should the plant hangers be at, just below the water line or just above? Or is it different for each plant? (I have them about 1/4 inch above the water line right now)

2) lighting: I have two choices, I have a 26w plant bulb over it now (about 10 inches above it or I can switch to a floor lamp Ott-Lite with a 27w (the light itself is about 17 in long but I can't find much online with regards to the bulb) and is is 18 inches above the waterline and has an adjustable arm. (Plus the tank is next to a north facing window)

thoughts on the lighting and the planter placement?
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