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Originally Posted by thtsapaddlin View Post
Hey all,

I've been battling with this filter for a year (see posts dated from 8/24/2010). Tank water has always been "clean," but never crystal clear.

I left town for 2 months, and was forced to tear down (well, sort of -- I just took out my driftwood and all plants -- livestock remain) my 50t when I returned because it had gotten out-of-hand. I vacuumed, but pulling all the plant material from the tank really stirred up a lot of gunk. Now, nearly 24 hours later, the tank still has "large" pieces of organic material floating around, even with the Koralia powerhead running.

I have dispensed water from the filter into a clear glass, and there is clearly unfiltered material floating in this efferent water. There's a bypass issue somewhere, and I haven't figured it out in over a year.

Anyway, I value your opinions and I trust that if you are all happy with your 304's, and everyone is experiencing crystal-clear water, maybe I ought to buy another SunSun and hope it's not defective like my first 2 have been (first one leaked around the lid).

If not, I guess I'll have to upgrade from Chinese equipment to an Eheim 2217.

SunSun owners, could you share your thoughts? Are your 304's "sufficient" or are they "excellent?"
Crytal-clear water is not brand-dependent. It's about bio-filtration and the state
of your tank.

Debris in efferent water can be from the hose pipe or parts in the filter itself.
When I turn off my filter for a while, I see it too when I turn it back on.
The action somehow dislodges some biofilm.
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