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Originally Posted by skynyrd View Post
Would this filter AquaTop CF-400UV work with a small backyard pond?
It would sit slightly above the waterline in an enclosed box to protect it from the elements and brought in during the winter.
I dug this out when the paint was fresh on the shed.
About 5x5 18inch deep. Waterlily's are in pots and come back every year.
This year I added some goldfish (they will come inside for the winter) and was thinking of going wider n deeper next spring.
Maybe add something fancier after that.
What do you all think?
And underwater lights are going to be added soon!
Can be forced into service but risky. Most canister filters with pump built-in
are designed to operate below an aquarium, or at least a bit lower than
the tank's waterline.

Placing it above the waterline creates negative pressure in the canister
and risks air accumulating in the canister. The pump may run dry.
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