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lots of growth on the s repens in the tub, added some ug as I mentioned have yet to see some growth from it but im sure it will grow, no melting from it at all and i am amazed, as far as the cube goes the porto vehlo is growing but not as fast as i would like it to, the amazon sword wall is growing nicely already sending up baby leaves i can tell this stuff will be a royal pita once it digs in some more, but luckily 6 of the plants are going in cups for my cichlid tank leaving 3-5 plants for the green wall, the lotus is doing very well seeing some bright orange and red colors, I do have some green algae on my moss and some brown on my anubias but not worried photoperiod is 7 hours now so hopefully it will receed, the jack dempsey is doing great and so are the rummies, they are all co existing and eating well, but to be honest i am surprised the dempsey is okay with the high flow, the bloodfins seem to love the flow.

unrelated to this thread i did a partial rescape to my 20 long and wow it looks so much better if anyone cares i'll post comparison pics tomorrow along with updates on this one
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