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Originally Posted by Cynth View Post
I really like the looks of this tank. It looks much larger than it is. Your mandarin shrimp look awesome.
Thanks so much! That's what I was going for. A tank this low and long poses some challenges as it limits your choices for both flora and fauna.

Originally Posted by kcirtappatrick View Post
Nice looking tank. If you don't like the look of the filter inside the tank you could look at canister filters with some lilly pipes. I'm not completely sure, but, that shrimp could be a feeder shrimp. You might want to take that guy out if possible before he mates with your other shrimps. Can't wait for more updates!
I actually went with the internal filter over canister and lily pipes because I don't want lots of stuff sticking out of the tank. My goal with this tank was to keep it as aesthetically pleasing and self contained as possible.

I hope that shrimp can't cross with the mandarins - I never thought of that - Duh! I will try to catch it and put it in my 8 as soon as I can.

Originally Posted by 2in10 View Post
Very good job on the scape

Originally Posted by driftwoodhunter View Post
I've never seen a 12g long before - I really love the shape of it. The strong horizontal shape has so much potential. I think you scaped this one very nicely - the quiet open area, the ceramic rock caves, and the pennywort are my favorite bits!
Your cats is super cute, Abysinnians were my mother's favorite breed and I wish she had been able to get one!
Is yours a blue, or was that an effect of the lighting?
There are a few other threads on here for tanks like mine. You should check them out. It's a cool tank size, but poses some challenges for stocking and scaping for sure! Thanks for liking my 'scape, too.

Abys are a fun breed, and I'm sorry you're mom never got to have one...though they aren't for the faint of heart! I have another one, Minka - Kosey's younger sister, and she is the kitten that never grew up both in size and personality. They are both a ton of fun, but Minka can be a holy terror! And, no he's not a blue but a ruddy and actually quite red...and fat. Here's an early tank pic with both of them.

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