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i work around the corner from trop and have been going there for many years and liked it (but didnt like the prices) but in the past 6 months they had that sale going on and if you tell them you would like to be added for there computer and get weekly emails out of every $100 you spend youll get $5 and special deals bogo etc.. but in the past 5 months maybe a little longer all of there south american cichlids have been so sick its not even funny. gary the owner realy knows his stuff but it realy seams like hes just giving up very sad and i was there thursday and everything (freshwater) was sick with dead fish in the tanks if you dont mind medicateing in a hospital tank for a few weeks go for it but i wont bet wish there anymore but they do have good deals on fishtanks they sell them at there cost if your in the area theres a fish store in point plesant on rt88 called sharkys the fish store isnt that big but has alot of diff. kinds of fish that you realy dont see around and very good prices also a few plant tanks and hes selling shrimp if thats your thing
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