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Java fern, narrow leaf java fern, blyxa Japonica, crypt and anubias was the request. All except maybe the narrow leaf java fern was available at the last MASI auction on August 14th. I know that "narrow leaf" has been at our club meetings though. There were quite a few bags of java fern at least a couple of bags of Blyxa and 4-5 varieties of crypts. At least 2 varieties of anubias. The advantage of buying "most" of these plants at the auction is that they are all grown in aquariums. (one of our sellers does sell plants directly from Florida but if you look carefully you can easily tell the difference). When you buy stuff from the aquarium shop they are buying stuff from Florida and all of those are grown emersed. That means those leaves will fall off as the plant replaces it with it's underwater style leaves. Depending on the variety, often especially Crypts they can look pretty raggy for awhile. They do have a swap meet coming up October 2nd and an auction November 13th.
Stay tuned to and the forum
http://www.missouriaquariumsociety.c...orum/index.php for further information. People are now starting to post what they are going to bring to the swap meet but it may take a while before they start to do so. If you have a lot of plants or especially a lot of extra equipment this is certainly the place to sell it. It only cost a few bucks for a table and then you name your own price on your items.

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