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40 breeder plus 3 10 gallons (Advice Needed Please)

I recently built a stand (thread here) for a 40 gallon breeder and 3 10 gallon tanks. I decided to do a journal on them and I thought it would be easier to do them all in one journal. I'll keep this first post updated with the latest info for easy reference as this goes along. Hopefully people will jump in and offer critique, advice, comments, ect. along the way.

Feel free to offer your opinions.

Tank 1 - 40 Gallon Breeder Plans
Lighting - 2 36" t8 strips (unless I go open top, then I will do something else)
Filtration - Aqua Clear 50 HOB filter
Substrate - Azoo Plant Grower Bed
Flora - Needle leaf java fern (purchased), mini pellia (Still need to buy), weeping moss (Purchased), valisneria nana (Purchased), Lilaeopsis mauritiana (Still need to buy).
Fauna - Painted Fired Red Cherry Shrimp (still need to buy), CPD's, a few nerites and maybe some otocinclus.

10 Gallon tanks will all be running Azoo Songe Filters powered by a Coralife Luft Pump.
Flora and Fauna
Tank 1 - CRS and some type of moss
Tank 2 - CBS and some type of moss
Tank 3 - OEBT and some type of moss

For now here is a picture of the stand.

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