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There's no delicate way to put this so I'm just going to spit it out and please do not take it as an insult. After viewing your tremendous skill with the vivarium build I am thoroughly dissapointed. I would like to see you empty the tank, put the plants in some tank water and create a tank scape that with blow my socks off as you did with your 46g. One of my tanks is a 10g and I have no talent in the aquascaping Dept, so I would like to see what someone with serious talent could do. Empty the water and build some sort of background like you did in the 46g and put the plants in the holes like you have there. The put that driftwood in with the high point leading to one side of the tank and maybe a smaller grey stone somewhere on the other side or keep that side free of tall plant and only use a low carpeting plant such as dwarf chain swords or Staurogyne. I am not critisizing the tank, I just want to see more of what you are obviously capable of.

That tank really tied the room together
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