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Dwarf cichlids anyone?

So I'm looking for some dwarf cichlids, apisto's, rams, I'm sure there's somethin i'm forgetting. Non Kribs pretty much. And well my options seem a bit slim here north of columbus. Lancaster and Hebron are a bit of a drive to have fish in a car I figure, both over an hour away. So I'm wondering if anyone has a breeding pair and some fry, or knows a good website to order them. Jacks won't touch the order for whatever reason. So the only other option has been Aquarium Adventure who I think want some 30 bucks for a agassi thats not double red. I'm not sure their price on butterfly rams, I've never had luck with German rams so i'ma pass on those i think.

Anywho, if anyone could help I'd be greatful.

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