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Originally Posted by dbLbogie View Post
Just noticed this thread got bumped this month, oops.

I think Aquatics Unlimited is a pretty nice store. They have a very large variety of plants in stock and they get more in and sell out very quickly. I think some people would kill to have a LFS like this place in their town. Plus they have $0.99 and $1.99 clearance plants, you can't beat that.

Check out Hoffer's on 76th & Good Hope too if you get up that way, you should be fairly impressed.

I've never been to Vang's, but will be in that area tomorrow morning.
The main problem I have with Aquatics Unlimited is that they are extremely unhelpful. How dare I ask someone to leave the counter and their conversation with co-workers to get fish or, God forbid, ask questions. I walked out of there three times straight because I couldn't get anyone to help me so I won't be back.

I've been to Hoffers and really like it. Every person in the fish room has been really helpful and I have gotten great ideas and advice from Joe.
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