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BBA seems to sink its roots (rhizomes?) deep in driftwood. Hard for chemicals to reach it, as what you kill on the surface protects what's still living in the wood. An aggressive enough bleach/H2O2 soak to kill everything also breaks down the surface of the wood, leaving it more hospitable for algae regrowth.

Chemicals to remove the surface algae, followed by heat to kill the roots, has been the most effective treatment for me.

If you truly eliminate it from the wood and your tank conditions are right, it will not grow back. Though I have some BBA (on filter plumbing), it doesn't grow on the wood unless something is out of whack.

Keep in mind too that the pro aquascapers submit "glamour shots". Tanks are completely rearranged, trimmed and scrubbed, plants and hardscape added or taken away, lights cranked up many times over normal. Makes for a good photo, but is not representative of the normal state of their tank, or a fair standard by which to compare your tank.
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