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Hope you have good results. I had an outbreak of BBA about a year ago and it started on driftwood. The wood was dry when I got it so I dont think that was the cause, but rather a good place forit to start up. I fought it for a year with water changes, close watch of parameters, CO2, doses of several recommended chemicals and direct squirting on the brushes. It would not stop so I gave up and sterilized the tank and started over. My maintanance habits were pretty good too (never perfect but no neglect). I am on day three of the cycle of a new tank.

BBA is the worst I have ever seen and I only had it the one time. I have had freshwater tanks for over thirty years. I hope to never see it again.

I went to my LFS today where I have gone for many years and every tank is over run with BBA in a bad way. I asked about it and they said they cant get rid of it no matter what they try. I feel for them but wont be getting anything from their water again....its just not worth it.

Best of luck and PLEASE keep us posted. I want to be armed with knowledge in case this happens to me again.
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