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Originally Posted by ccattie View Post

Where do you go for supplies as far as LFS? I remember Fishman being much better, but it seems that they've cutback on supplies since I was last there. I still try and go there to give them the business. I think I am going to check out AquariumCenter in Clementon, NJ this weekend. I also plan to check out eastcoastaquatics in Prospect Park, PA.

I gotta join the Filstar Pimp Club. I'm rockin an XP3
When I wanna drive I go to thatfishplace in Lancaster PA for supplies or I order online. The only thing I buy locally are fish from the fishbowl owned again by the original owners or petsmart.

Originally Posted by Aubzilla View Post
I'm from Hartly, which is 5 minutes west of Dover!
I work at the PetSmart in Dover. Usually our plants are pretty healthy and growing well(it's part of my job lol).

Hey Aubzilla, the first time I bought plants from you guys my tank was invaded by snails. I had to buy a couple Botias from you guys to clean out the snails. That was six years ago, haven't had a problem lately.
Hope to see you there!
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