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Originally Posted by fishykid1 View Post
I don't see why you need 48 XML's unless your doing a high-light setup...I have 12 XP-G's running at 700mA on my 55 and they are just as bright as 4X24W setup and they're 8" above the tank with no optics. They are over a 22" heat sink, and cover 3/4 of the tank with plenty of light.
I'm using 28 XML for main lighting and 24 xpg for supplementation. The XML max out at 1500 mA and the xpg at 1A.

The XML are cool white with 40 degree optics. 12 royal blue xpg and 12 neutral white xpg with 60 degree optics. This way I can adjust the colour temp from very yellow to very blue. The pendants will be as close to the ceiling as possible.

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