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I've been running the lights around 12ish hours until I noticed the algae getting really bad and cut it down to about 10. Will cut down a little further, as well as boil the driftwood.

given the drop in ammonia from 3ppm to 0ppm in only four days (i haven't been adding liquid ammonia) do you think it would really be ok to add a hearty tolerant fish into the mix? All the beginner reading i've done kept stressing a fishless cycle....with the nitrite holding steady so far at 1ppm do you think that's going to drop any time soon?

My tank is a 12g nano cube, I've got two java ferns, two amazon swords, and two moss balls. The JF's are in rough shape but not gone (because I planted them in the substrate then moved and attached to rocks), Swords and moss balls are doing fine. Think I might add some more plants if you think that may help the algae problem.

Also did a 20% water change the other day and added a diy yeast CO2 setup that feeds into the inlet of the pump which seems to do a good job at diffusing the bubbles into the water.

I am quite itchy to get fish into the tank, but I wanted to do it properly and make sure the tank cycle was complete before I did so.
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