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ok, well I was not able to wait nor do with this tank what I originally planned for it, sadly. However this should be just as good. Basically little shrimp rack!
Since I had to dismantle the 5gallon to set this one up because I needed the extra room and partitions for the added species I have/am getting.

Im using a sunsun 302 to filter it, and a 20w ReptiGlo 2.0 UVB 6700K Bulb for light.
Partitions are made using petsmarts standard tank dividers for a 10 gallon.
Almost forgot, the substrate in here is tourmaline bc, followed by ADA Powersand S, then capped with Caribsea Tahitian Moon sand as I still have a ton left over from the last redo of the 29. I needed something that would have lots of BB for the shrimp and keep the water nice and soft. The AquaSoil I have will have to wait for another time/tank when I am able to cycle it for a couple months ahead of time. Since I'm only trying to grow shrimp in here and no plants other than moss I'm hoping this should be perfect. Just need to get some mesh so I can make some moss floors and walls

Left will house Tangerine Tigers(caridina serrata)
Middle is Crystal Reds and Crystal Blacks (Caridina Cantonensis)
Right is Golden Bee's/Snow-Whites

Not sure where I want to put these 4 BKK's im getting this week.. I've been thinking I may get more interesting patterns/coloration out of mixing them with my golden bee's instead of crs/cbs like most seem to do. Right now I have no idea if I will be getting all of one gender or a mix. So its up in the air at the moment but i'll update when i figure it out.

So far everyone has handled the move flawlessly and seems to be enjoying the added room. Will try and grab some good pics shortly ^^
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