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My tank has been chugging along for a long time. It's been almost a year since the last update, so here`s the sitch.

I got back and it was cloudy as all get out. I had to cut all the stems and start them over because they hadn`t been trimmed in 5 months and they were really straggly. The dwarf sag was about 8 inches deep. It was horrifying. But on the plus side...

The green crypts really took off! I actually am really impressed. The bronze ones are kind of there but nothing really good became of them.

I didn`t take a picture in February when I got back, but here is a current FTS.

I had to do a total revamp because I had severe problems with my uncapped soil. Some of my fish started digging for fun and the cloudiness was unbearable. I eventually tore it all down in July and planted everything again. My egeria najas was struggling to survive in the silty environment. It`s doing OK now.

I don`t even have a filter anymore. Cleaning the filter media was too much work. The water is still a tiny bit cloudy but it hasn't been this clear for months.

Also if you`ll notice I have had a single stem of ludwiga for about a year. It doesn't do well but it hasn't died off yet. I can't get rid of it because I paid 7 dollars for it when I started this tank. That is all.

My tank sucks now

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