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Emersed growth Updates here

I will update this with My emersed setup

So I started this tub a few days ago when I got a great deal on some staurogyne repens, unfortunately for me it was emersed growth so I didn't want to kill it off completely by putting it in my 25g without co2 going, so i set it up emersed in a small shoebox with organic soil an acrylic top and an led array. havent noticed growth yet but i'm hoping it is rooting in, here are pics of it setup

here is the lighting project for the bigger tub that will hold 4 shoeboxes

the box on the right houses 2 par 30 leds and the left houses par 38s
this is a pic of the output at 6 inches

closeup on the cheap wiring

the lights output is very similar to strong car headlights

Edit: 8/31 Got some ug and a nice stem from dollface for shipping price gotta really get going on this setup, will be visiting walmart tomorrow and maybe ace for some wood, need to make my fixture more rigid, I can't wait to try to grow ug, any advice?

In other news I got some nice growth going on with my s. repens, I noticed some melting and I think it is from too much heat and not enough humidity, so gonna try to fix that soon. got stuff to buy and like no money right now.

Update: 9/1
Finally got the full setup going instead of just one tub with some simple single bright led pendant, the bulbs are par 38s, as you can see my s repens is realling taking off, do have some melting, on the left tub there is a couple ludqigia stems and ug, hopefully it carpets in thick =] the right tub is still empty and will remain this way till my s repens is ready for a trimming in a week or two. will be letting the ug grow till it is super lush, then i'll start using some for my tanks, I must say I'm impressed with the s repens growth and can't wait to see it in this much brighter environment.

if you have any questions about my setup please ask i'll be glad to answer

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