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6.6 gallon bookshelf nano ( First ever attempted aquascape!! Advice needed!!!!! 56k)

Recently Re-Scaped"

And its actually on a bookshelf!!!

This is my first attempt an an aquascape. I've kept plants before, but never beyond sticking them into the gravel and hoping they lived. This is by no means complete. In fact I just started aquascaping it this week.
I have all my background plants planted and figured out. Now I'm still playing around with rocks, and trying to figure out my foreground and mid ground plants. I'm thinking water shamrock for the foreground.

Tank - Petco 6.6 Gallon Bookshelf Aquarium (24"Lx8.13"Wx9.25"H)
Substrate - CaribSea Tahitian Moonlight Sand
Lighting - Single T8 Bulb (came with the tank), Upgrading to dual T5NO strip, 6700k.
Filter - Aquaclear 20
Heating - None (will be getting one once summer is over)
CO2 - None (DIY yeast setup soon, Building DIY Paintball)
Fertz - None (will be dosing Flourish, and Flourish Iron)
Hardscape - Local rocks
Flora - Red Ludwigia, Parrots Feather, Rotala Indica, Greater Duckweed, and Water Wisteria (this is for coverage and to absorb nutrients, will be replaced)
Fauna - 2 male fancy guppies, 1 baby guppy, 5 leopard cories, 1 zebra nerite, 1 oto (will be getting him at lest one friend when my LFS get them in), and 4 blue pearl shrimp.

I just planted the rotala yesterday. The parrots feather and red ludwigia was bought at the time of tank setup. Both have finally started establishing a large healthy root system. The rotala was bought with a large root system. The parrots feather and rotala were grown out of water. I'm waiting to see progress on the rotala, but the parrots feather has sent out new submerged growth. Waiting for it to grow another inch or two before I tim it to start promoting a nice bush. Same with the red ludwigia and rotala. The duckweed is starting to shade my red ludwigia, I have to scoop some out some next time I'm in the tank.
Had a die off of 10 blue pearls the day the rotala was added. No test kit so I had no idea what caused it, after a water change and some time everything has gone back to normal and my surviving shrimp couldnt be happier.
Finally, suggestions or tips are welcome!! Sorry for the bad pictures.. My cats ran off with my camera charger and all I have is my really bad cellphone camera.
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