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ok here it all is...this is details just pics to satisfy...i should probably get better at my journal construction...but i'm just too excited and tired at the same time.
here is the stand before.

and after with the tank...

that light and stand is just pvc painted gray to match the stand. i thnk i turned out pretty sweet. but the light is just a deconstructed twin bulb screw in fixture that is made for incandescents, but i put in 2 6500k 13w cfl bulbs to get 26w of growing power. it looks stinking bright. and the cover is just tin or something sheathing made for duct work that i just cut and bent a little funny. If anyone wants more specs on how i did it with pics i can do that...oh yeah, and my stand is sweet like the mini solar. the top joint of the pvc is not fastened so i can swivel it forward and nice.

new logo...booooooooyaaaaaaaaah!

put tourmaline bc, crushed up api root tabs and some biozyme all in the bottom...its my cheap, yet effective base layer. at least there is 1 ADA product down there!
ok and here is scapes 1,2,3 and 4...I'm partial to 2 and 4, but i need to mess with all my rocks some more and break a few up... thanks AFA for getting what i asked for. and then some.

yeah need more AS and definitely need to break up my bigger rocks to make nicer 2ndary stones. ok now enjoy and quit whining....
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