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So, in true geek-like fashion, the squirrely-brain takes off, wondering if my ground water will be affected by the earthquake - any new cracks in the bedrock, causing a different flow of water into my well? Will I see a wave of turbidity or nitrates (I live near farmland and we get fert runoff into the ground water; this year it's been lean because it's soy rotation, so they fert less heavily than corn years. Corn is a hungry plant.) from the next Water Factory cycle? Better be on the lookout, ready with my testing kits, just to be sure.

I can't answer too well on the K+ question because I didn't have the variable isolated. Based on a compilation of experience, though, I'd say planted tank K+ levels don't much affect what shreemps decide to do. I'm running very low K+ levels right now in a test, but concomitantly decreased my GH, so any effect could be due to one or the other, and more likely to the GH overall than the K+. I know, that's pretty much a non-answer.

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