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Originally Posted by DarkCobra View Post
Wrong. I drop the suggestion every few months. It's not catching on. Algaefix=bad!

Oh well. Maybe in another seven years?
Heck, hopefully by then you learned how to grow plants.

Then algae is a non issue.

I have told folks for the last 15 or more years, Amano tells folks the same thing, so do folks in the know.........when the plants dominate and needs are truly met......algae is a non issue. Poor horticulture is why folks have pest and algae. This is a simple and profound philosophy, crutches do help you learn good horticulture, it's that simple.

Bleach dips, salt dips, H2O2....etc etc........ everyone is looking for a magic cure, yet they cannot see the forest between all the trees. I've used many herbicides and algicides over some 30+ years, they have never helped me. Not in the long run.

They have not taught me anything worthwhile or helpful for horticulture........just a band aid at best.

Do some of the products kill algae? Sure....but they NEVER will grow plants.
(Excel is the only exception to the rule.) When the plants do not grow optimally, then we end up with algae. When plants grow optimally, then we can garden and have the tank we had originally wanted.

No pill, algicide, chemical will fix that issue. Get to the root and the cure, not the easy quick fix.

Tom Barr
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