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Spyke's Iwagumi Mini M! (DIY stand & lights) really this is just a teaser. so.....

So there will be no pics or super important specs that all you crazy fish/plant/shrimp geeks (like me) must know.

But here are some less formal and structured details for the tank to come.

ok, its an ADA mini m...duh

scape is going to be iwagumi scape with ohko stones YAY!
probably just hc, glosso, and possibly dhg as plants go.

probably s grade crs or ss grade cbs...maybe even super green babaultis if i can find any. and maybe ember tetras, i really want half red tetras ...but those are like super impossible to find. or neon green rasboras if i get the green shrimps.

paintball c02

uhh...ada multi type amazonia(new)

diy 26w light fixture and light stand.

refurbished and painted stand. (looks legit now)not like it was made in the 80s...(cuz it was)

and it will sit right next to my ever changing 40B iwagumi.

ok that's all for now.
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