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So I haven't started a thread about my shrimp bowl, but I do have some questions/requests for ideas. I've got a 2 gal bowl, with 6 adult(4F,2M) and 2 baby RCS(kind of a fluke, you can check "Twin Shrimps" thread if you want). Right now, ALL of the females are berried, with two of them showing eyes and one of those showing a saddle, so I'm very close to the first brood. I know that you netted out your juveniles Newman, but what about making a mini shrimp trap. Like, instead of the 20oz bottle "funnel," I could make a small funnel of plastic and put it inside a film canister(they still make those?!?). What other way(s) might I be able to move the juvies from the bowl to prevent overpopulation? Thanks for any help from anyone, and thanks especially to Newman for passing the shrimp bowl idea on; it is a super fun project and a very cool tank to keep.
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