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Well, today I got closer to one of my aquarium goals - I found another 55 on Craigslist that didn't cost an arm & a leg! ($75.00)
I don't think I've mentioned it in this thread, but I have an idea for two 55 tanks. I live in a single wide mobile home. It's a good size for one person - about 1200 ft with two full baths & three bedrooms. I tore out 1/3 of the wall between the smallest bedroom & the living room, and used that bedroom to extended the living room. (it's like an 8' x 10' library)
One of the things I liked about this mobile home was the open floor plan. I have NO division between my living room & kitchen except the kitchen's base cabinets that I'm tearing out in favor of a rustic wood island I'm making this winter.
I want to make a dividing wall between the kitchen & living room with two 55g tanks butted end-to-end. If I place one tank against the exterior wall, extending into the room, and butt the second tank up to it, I'll have 100" of tanks and still have 5' of entryway between the two rooms. Today, I found the 55 on Craigslist and I'm picking it up Friday. I haven't seen it yet, but the sellers said they just moved here from out of state, and the tank was new before they moved. They bought more tanks and don't need it now. They say the glass is in perfect shape and it comes with a wood stand, the lids/lights etc. I'm not interested in the lids/lights because I'll be replacing them with versa glass tops & a new light. I'm hoping the stand will bring the top of the new tank level with mine, but if not I'll put layers of ply under the shorter tank. My tank's stand is pine, I assume their's is pine or particle board. I'm going to get the tanks level and make a casing to unify them. I love walnut so that might be what I use.
Now a question ~ I make such a God Awful mess when I do water changes. I'm in the process of laying t&g pine flooring (stained in dark walnut - what else? lol) but I worry about the water hitting the floor. I'm sealing the stain with top of the line Varathane in a satin finish, but I wonder if it would benefit me to put tile under the tanks? The same tile that will be in the kitchen. Remember the two rooms are continuous so I don't think it would look odd. I'm not disiplined enough to lay towels on the floor every time I tinker in the tanks - lol.
This will be a slow project as funds are very tight, but I look forward to journaling it here!

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