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I've been away from the site for awhile, so this is catch-up. By now summer is almost done, so I'm sure you've worked something out. But in case...
Originally Posted by Steve001 View Post
Set your thermostat to 80 or there abouts... If you're of the habit of leaving off the AC during the day and turning it on when you get home you are not saving any money. I've heard it stated many times by home experts and utility companies to set your thermostat and let your AC run as needed. Your AC unit does not have to run as hard either as it would cooling down a hot house.
I've lived in LV for many years and kept an aquarium (with varying success) for about 10. I totally agree with the above. As it was explained to me, after a few hours, everything in your house is 88, 90 or whatever, not just the air. So you have as you cool the air in the house and all the warm "everything" else. Bump it up maybe 2-3 degrees if you want. Mine is programmed to go up a couple when I go to work and down a couple when I go to bed.

As far as your heater goes, IMHO it depends on how well it holds the temperature in the tank. Mine is very stable, so I leave it on. It will only come on if needed.

Sorry it's taken 4 mos to respond

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