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I don't have any rocks but I don't scrub my wood. The bristlenose plecos, otos, platies and snails polish off the biofilm and new algae that forms.

Usually I have to clean the front pane of the tank but I haven't for a couple weeks. It wasn't even a little slimy last time I changed water. When the tank was first set up I even had green gravel but it is clean now.

No the tank isn't algae free, the wood just looks fine. I have BGA lurking under the gravel and in the overflow box, GSA in the overflow box and a boffo case of GW. My wood has had BBA in the past and I am sure it will in the future. I can clean the overflow box, use a piece of plastic to push BGA away from the pane's surface and am playing with NPK+micros fighting the GW. When BBA attacks again back to the Excel I go.

I wouldn't mind some algae on the wood or if I had rocks, it makes the tank look more settled in.

This is a downed dead sycamore branch I peeled the bark from in April. Best close up of the wood I have. I don't know if the patterning is from my whittling job or from pleco action. This Anubias has a 150 watt MH directly over it, about 30" away and somewhat shaded with window screen and old acrylic sheets covering the tank.
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