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Hope I'm not hijacking the thread. I think the thing I would like to know concur with the OP.
(I'm about to log off anyway).

It's been my curiosity for quite some time. How are hardscapes (woods, rocks) in top
aquascapers' tanks maintained algae free?.

Like the rocks in this Amano's tank.

Or the wood in this Oliver Knott's tank. Here you can't just soak the piece in bleach solution.

I had thought they were scrubbed every week (or every night!).
But when I read this thread
I'm not sure anymore. There is a post saying that in 6 months of using ADA liquid ferts
(which are lean), his rocks didn't get any algae at all. But when he switched to EI ferts,
he had to have them scrubbed every week. Plants were not affected though.

So it might not has to be so-labor-intensive?
(or at least reduce them to a bearable level) on hardscapes?

I'm asking for first-hand experience.
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