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BBA on manzanita


I am about to toss my Manzanita..not sure what else to do. I keep getting BBA and I've done everything that I've read to do! I've pulled it out of the tank 3 times already, scrubbed the ___ out of it with H2O2 poured directly on it, and after I put it bank in the tank I dosed with Excel 3x the recommended amount. It's not horrible but getting worse. I read that manzanita is prone to BBA? Is that true? I have such a beautiful piece that I would hate to throw it out but I'm ready to and just go with no hardscape.

I have a 29g, with 42w of T5NO lighting, no BBA at all on the swords, anubias, hygro or crypts that I have in the tank.

ANY thoughts would be really appreciated!
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