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I've been mixing 1 part tap water to 5 parts RO water to get a PH of 6.8 before adding it to the aquarium. Once it's in the tank it never seems to go up or down much at all which is good. What I'm wondering is what PH do most of you have to start out with before injecting CO2 and bringing it down. I've heard of a lot of people having a PH of around 7.2-7.4 and then adding CO2 to bring it down to 6.8 and using a contoller to keep it around there. Mine is always at 6.8. If my CO2 stops it still stays at 6.8 and after a day of plants using it up it still seems to stay the same. I'd like to add more tap water because my GH and KH is really low but am wondering if I'll still be able to get my Ph down to a decent level if I start out at a PH of 7.2. Adding the extra tap water will raise the PH. It seems like from what I've heard others say that if I'm starting with a PH of 6.8 from the start then once it's in the tank with CO2 being added it would be going down lower like to 6.0 which wouldn't be good of course. Maybe I should just leave it alone. The reason I ask is I'm thinking of adding a PH controller and if my PH is always at 6.8 then the monitor would be reading everything as ok and not ever adding CO2 even though there would be a need for it. I hope I explained this right. Thanks
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