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I think I should reseal my tank. It's very new, but, the tank was used for salt water perviously and the silicone is very dirty and lifted in quite a few spots. I think the previous owner was using a razor blade to scrape the coraline off. All in all, the inner seals look terrible and I would like to re-do them.

Rebuilding the whole tank isn't going to happen. I don't have the space, tools, or knowledge to reassemble the tank but I think I should at least scrape the inside seams and reseal.

At the moment the tank has a peninsula style over flow. It is internal, runs top to bottom and is centered at one end of the tank. If I am resealing I can remove the overflow and relocate it outside the tank. I'm just not sure the best way to cut out a slot for the overflow. I really need some guidance here.
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