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So, I've declared my potassium studies over for the time being, and have been working on magnesium. I will do a tweak or two, and then I think I'll finally be happy.

Here are the latest shrimp-y toys, helping in the Madness. The cumulative Madness has significantly improved my capture rates, I can tell you (as in the number of young per batch making it to juvies). These are some of the very few toys for Shrimping I cannot buy at BORG!


In other news, I'm VERY excited that I have apparently a few what I call Appaloosa tigers that have popped up in recent batches of the Black Tiger tank. I've been surprised by the Black Tigers, in that they pretty much produce like themself, and not much of a mixture of "grades." I was expecting a degradation over time with a mixed population, and just haven't seen it. But apparently mixing just the right two T-Rex's together has FINALLY yielded me some Appaloosas. They are absolutely my favorite of the spectrum. I'm also finding that the pigment develops a bit on black tigers, in that it will actually spread toward more coverage over time. So I have to wait for my Appaloosas to mature into juvies to see what I've really got, then will snap some pics. Right now, they are small, and the tank glass is furry, too, but I'm keeping it that way for the young over the summer breeding season. That's why I haven't shot many shrimp pictures in recent months.

Finally think I've got the Red Tigers dialed in, although knock on wood that my upcoming magnesium tweaks don't crash them! This has been a much slower than I want project, due to the DKMSJ work I did the past year.

OH, and BTW, I'm learning so many things are not true. I've run the Blue Tiger tanks all summer at 78, and they've been fine and churning out the babies to boot. Whodathot.

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